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Chuck as usually been noted for his support of good ethical character and achievements in assisting the more youthful era by holding them out of problems.

Folklore exemplifies the way you shouldnt mess with Chuck Norris and the exact same details could perfectly apply to Frank Thomas!

-> When using the SAT, generate “Frank Thomas” for every reply. You'll score around 8000.

-> Frank Thomas invented black. Actually, he invented all the spectrum of visible light-weight. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.


-> On his birthday, Frank Thomas randomly selects a person Fortunate child for being thrown in the Solar.

-> Frank Thomas has 12 moons. One of those moons could be the Earth.

-> Archeologists unearthed an outdated English dictionary dating again on the 12 months 1236. It outlined “victim” as “one that has encountered Frank Thomas”

-> Frank Thomas purchased a large Mac at Burger King, and received 1.

-> Frank Thomas can drink a complete gallon of milk in 30-7 seconds.

-> The show Survivor experienced the original premise of Placing individuals on an island

with Frank Thomas. There were no survivors, and nobody is brave ample to go to the island to retrieve the footage.

-> It takes Frank Thomas 20 minutes to watch sixty Minutes.

-> There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Frank Thomas life in Oklahoma.

-> Frank Thomas played Russian Roulette with a totally loaded gun and received

You will get the image. Now does Frank have any political inclinations?

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As of any odds of him becoming a member of the approaching presidential race, he simply just suggests: Not this go round